Meet Jonathan


Jonathan grew up in a small town with a big family.

His determination has led him to give his absolute best in every area of his life.

Avidly pursuing sports and music for most of his life, Jonathan is a fun-seeker and is always considering the good of others. There is never a dull moment around this guy!

Whether it’s hanging with the students, or jammin’ with the band, you’ll find him with a smile on his face.

This dude has enough energy to make you wanna take a nap. Boom!!

Fun Facts About Jonathan

Perfect Day
Starts with a breakfast of champions, Zebra Cakes. Going on a walk, enjoying nature and shooting guns with some friends. Picnic with my fiancé. Floating a river. Dinner with friends. Enjoying the night around a campfire looking at the stars!
Captain America
Favorite SS Resturant
Tierra del Sol
Jon-Jon, Johnny-boy, Johnny Appleseed, J-mac, Mac, Greg.