Meet Julianna


The middle child of seven, Julianna was born in Houston, grew up in North Carolina, and moved back to Texas with her family a few years ago.

Her interests include climbing buildings or balancing on odd objects so she can capture the perfect picture, reading so many books she tends to lose count, and writing about topics she has a passion for. She has a deep-rooted desire to pursue Christ and follow His purpose for her life.

Fun Facts About Julianna

Perfect Day
There are so many perfect days! A rainy day spent reading a book with some coffee. A nice fall afternoon, running around outside with my nieces and nephews. Sitting around a bonfire with my family. Any one of those would be perfect.
Favorite Superhero
Favorite Quote
“There is no beauty without some strangeness.” – Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Sulphur Springs Restaurant
Arturo's Wood Fired Pizza Gallery