Life Groups

What is a Life Group?
Small groups at Shannon Oaks Church are called “Life Groups.” These affinity-based gatherings are a natural expression of the local church beyond the walls of the church. Life Groups encourage authenticity, life transformation and the discovery & development of spiritual gifts. A typical Life Group meets 3-4 times per month in a home for a meal, a time of sharing, study and prayer.

The Mission
Life Groups are challenged to become the family of God in their neighborhoods.

How do I join a group?
Contact us at to get more information and/or get connected to a group. You can also find current Life Group gathering information at the Welcome Center in the foyer of Shannon Oaks Church.

How do groups work?
Our groups are organized by geography. So, neighbors get to meet in a group that is, in most cases, in or close to their neighborhood. Often, this makes it easier to attend a group, and we also believe that how we engage our literal neighbors and the places nearby us matters.

Why Life Groups?
There is a sequoia tree in California that is estimated to be 275′ tall, over 30’ wide and over 2,300 years old. One would think that such a large tree would have an equally large — and equally deep — root system. However, sequoia tree roots only grow a few feet deep. How do such trees survive—even thrive—for so long with such shallow roots?

The secret is that Sequoia trees don’t grow alone. They grow in groves and their roots intertwine with the roots of the surrounding trees. Alone, Sequoia trees could be blown over easily by wind but together, the trees strengthen and support each other in life-giving, life-sustaining community.
Each of us has been created by God for connection and belonging. To think we can thrive outside of a community is to think we can somehow thrive apart from God’s grace made tangible through other people. At Shannon Oaks Church, we believe Life Groups are a powerful and necessary way to belong to a grace-giving community!