Fresh Powder

Well, it’s time for me to practice what I preach.  I’ve been preaching in January through the idea of change.  In order to change, we’ve got to start.  The first step is the toughest, yet most important.  So, guess what?  I’m starting something new today: a blog.  And it’s tough.  But, nonetheless, I’m setting something in motion today.

It’s as if I’m staring at freshly fallen snow on the slopes, just begging for someone to blaze a new trail.  Which path should I take?  Will others follow where I lead?  Or will I look back to see that my tracks are the only ones on the trail?  Will my trail be one to showcase the journey, the destination, or is it possible to do justice to both?

As sure as I consider these questions, fear threatens to immobilize me.   Maybe it’s safer to wait until someone else comes along to blaze this trail.  Surely someone else is better, stronger, more qualified, or naturally draws more followers.  But, then the voice of God reminds me how silly I sound.  He reminds me that I don’t have to be afraid because He is both love and present and therefore, casts out fear.

And so the picture changes…drastically.  I’m no longer the trailblazer, but merely the follower.  The pressure is off.  I’m skiing behind Jesus.  I’ll go where He has already gone.  And so I start, and that’s significant in and of itself.  Because there’s a journey before I ever arrive at the destination.

Zechariah 4:10 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see work begin…”

So, here’s some hope for your journey today: Where you start doesn’t have to be where you finish.  Who you are today doesn’t have to be who you are tomorrow.  So, change.  It’s the one thing God desires most of us, and the one thing He will absolutely never do.

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Fresh powder is fun!  START!

Pastor Eric
Eric is the Pastor at Shannon Oaks Church, husband to Mandy and Daddy to Evan, Eden, Emerson.